A product development company for small businesses with big concepts.

Simply put, we are a product development company that specializes in helping small businesses bring their product ideas to life and to market. We have the people, processes, and production know-how to provide start-ups and small, established companies with the kind of product development firepower once reserved for only larger enterprises.

Adding Finish Line Product Development Services to your team will enable you to:

Leverage world-class product development management and leadership

For many small companies, acquiring world-class product development management and leadership talent on a full-time basis is simply not feasible. Our team of talented and accomplished product development engineers has decades of combined experience coupled with best-practices skill sets to reliably deliver successful products that generate profits. Best of all, we do it on a simple and remarkably cost-effective hourly fee basis. You pay only for what you need – no more and no less.

Increase innovation by adding an objective, highly-experienced engineering input to the product development conversation. Studies have shown that the larger and more diverse the development team, the more innovative the team becomes. At Finish Line, we’ve worked with almost 300 companies, successfully creating a wide range of products for diverse applications and industries. This kind of diversity broadens the variety of solutions available and provides our clients with opportunities to use one industry’s proven solution to create a competitive advantage in another.

Reduce your development costs by reducing the time and effort it takes to develop and refine a new product. By outsourcing your product development to us, you can significantly reduce your fixed cost overhead while streamlining the product development process. Our broad experience and enormous archive of reference designs drawn from thousands of successful projects enable us to rapidly accelerate your project and reduce cost because much of the initial work has already been done.