Outsourced product development for small companies like yours.

How small companies develop products is significantly different from how large enterprises do it. Unfortunately, small companies with limited resources and experience can mistakenly turn to product development advice and strategies designed for large companies. The results are often inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming product development projects that end with less-than-satisfactory results, even failure.

We have been engineering technology products exclusively for small businesses for almost two decades. We understand the intricacies of product engineering in a small-business environment, where unit volumes can be low, costs need to be more closely controlled, ROI means everything, and every decision has immediate and far-reaching ramifications.

Best of all, we’ll bring a fresh perspective to your product development efforts. We’ll show you new ways to look at problems and engineer innovative solutions.

Pay for only the services you need, when you need them.

Outsourced product development is a highly cost-efficient way to gain the resources, expertise, and engineering workforce you need, and pay only for the time you use them. We offer a comprehensive suite of product development services that you can custom-tailor to fit your specific product design and engineering requirements and business goals:

Our outsourced product development services include:

Prototype-to-Production Program
Our Prototype-to-Production Program is a step-by-step methodology designed to develop a working prototype and turn it into a fully-engineered product ready to manufacture at scale.

Product Development Oversight
We can augment your management team with a highly experienced project manager who will provide oversight of our proven processes and resources to help guide your product development project to successful completion.

Breakthrough Product Development Program
Our Breakthrough Product Development Program is a systematic methodology that discovers and validates product concepts that have the potential to disrupt niche markets. It is particularly effective for helping companies in markets where product development activities have been underfunded, market share is eroding, and profit margins are declining.

Technology Development Management

Often technologies invented for specific or niche markets have a potential for use in different, unrelated markets. We have the expertise and broad range of experience to identify and manage opportunities for innovative technologies to be adopted from one market and adapted for another.

In addition to these comprehensive outsourced product development programs, we offer a number of other specific services, including:

  • Electronics development
  • Firmware
  • Sensor development
  • Software design
  • Documentation
  • Design verification testing
  • Sustainable engineering