Beyond Just Layout:

Our layout services are designed for small companies. We go beyond just layout and Include:

  • Schematic Review – our checklist has been continuously improving for 20 years!
  • BOM Review – don’t build a board if you can’t buy parts to put on it.
  • Enclosure/Mounting/Wiring Review – will it fit?
  • Fab and Assembly Drawing Generating – don’t manufacture without one!
  • Prototype Fab and Assembly – that was easy!
  • Board Bring Up – full lab with equipment and staff

We have worked on virtually every type of layout:

  • RF up to 10GHz
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • High-Speed Logic
  • Low-Level Signal

This program was designed for small companies/startups that wish to get their PCB Layout board as quickly as possible. Because small companies rarely bring new products to the market, they do not have the type of expertise and processes in place to accomplish all the tasks necessary to achieve their mission.

Send us what you have (schematics, BOM, napkin, chicken scratches) and we will get you a quote.