Project Overview

Product Development Challenge

A leading government contracting agency was tasked with designing and manufacturing a sophisticated mobile command center and deploying units in the field before the start of the hurricane season.

These units were going to be used by emergency personnel responding to a natural disaster and it became a matter of life and death to get this work accomplished in the required time. After several failed attempts with other firms, and with only four weeks left, they turned to Finish Line for a quick solution.

The design required a combination of off-the-shelf components, modified components, and completely custom components, all with their own special power and interface requirements.

In addition, the unit needed to be powered from any source: automotive, internal batteries, and universal AC.  All of the components needed to fit into a small briefcase that could easily be transported by air, ground, or sea.

Field personnel needed access to the secure communication components within the unit to insert their assigned Secure Digital Cards. All these issues combined to make one big puzzle and there was very little time to figure out how to put the pieces together.

Finish Line PDS Bottom Line

Finish Line PDS was able to meet this challenge because of its unique ability to deploy an experienced team to the problem, not just one individual or a  simple collection of individuals.  This team had already worked together for many years, had proven processes and procedures, and established vendor relations.

Finish Line PDS team already had extensive experience in designing and manufacturing electronic systems for severe environments.  This team also had a long list of field-proven solutions that they could borrow from previous projects.

The bottom line: Finish Line PDS was able to deliver a  world-class product for this very critical need in a very short time.