Product Development in a Small Company

The technology explosion of the early 80s created a plethora of niche market technology businesses. These businesses grew up in a world where a couple of engineers could create a new product category by applying enabling technologies that were rapidly decreasing in cost, size, and power. Many of these new products created niche markets that, although quite profitable, never achieved significant scale. These businesses typically have very long product cycles as investments in product improvements must be calibrated against the ROI of the development cost.

When compared to larger companies, small technology businesses in niche markets have unique challenges when it comes to developing products. When compared to larger mainstream businesses, small companies have longer product life cycles, limited budgets for developing products, and small development teams (or none at all).

This white paper examines the unique challenges that small companies face in developing technology products and outlines some strategies that can be deployed to remediate these issues. We have 15 years of experience to support our findings and the expertise to help you succeed.

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