The ability to sense the world is becoming more and more important.  Finish Line’s broad experiences in developing technologies for converting real-world data into actionable information have lead to the development of many sensors.

Some of our examples:

Low-Cost Oil Tank Sensor.  No moving parts – purely electronics.  Measures the dielectric of the tank.  Very low cost with very high resolutions.


Beer Tap Flow Meter. a Low-cost wireless measure of how much beer is being served.



Military Container Sensor.  Measure environmental parameters inside munitions containers and wireless reports data.



Chilled Mirror Humidity Sensor.  The most accurate method of determining humidity.  Chills mirror with TEC until ice just starts to condense on the mirror – then measure mirror temperature with precision 24 bit RTD.


Explosive Detector.  Used ion tubes to detect the most common explosives as a means of screening passengers before boarding a flight.





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