With over 1,000 projects for more than 300 companies completed, Finish Line has amassed extensive experience and reference designs in virtually every aspect of electronic product development. Indeed, this experience and reference designs are the primary reason we can develop products for small companies at a substantially reduced cost and time.

Areas where we have multiple project experience

  • RF Communications (10Hz to 10GHz)
  • Switching Regulators (pW to MW, 1V to 10KV)
  • Motor Controllers (1W to 2.5KW – all motor types)
  • Signal Conditioning and Conversion (up to 24bits)
  • Digitial from simple uC and FPGAs to Very High-Speed Logic
  • PCBA Layout – from the simplest to the most complex
  • Motion Control System
  • Single Board Computers – from simple Raspberry Pi and beyond
  • Low Power Systems with very long battery life
  • Solar Charging System
  • Camera Systems
  • High Temperature and High Vibration
  • LED lighting