The fastest and easiest way to get profits and market share back on track

Let’s face it, even the most innovative product will eventually become a commodity.  In the beginning, sales were easy and profit margins were spectacular.  Now, even with additional spending on sales and marketing, your market share is eroding and profit margins are declining.

If this sounds like your company, then Finish Line’s Breakthrough Product Development Program may be right for you.  Leapfrog your competition.  Regain market share.  Stop competing on price and improve your profit margin.

What is the Breakthrough Product Development Program?

The Breakthrough Product Development Program is a systematic methodology that discovers and validates product concepts that have the potential to disrupt niche markets.  This methodology is based on the latest research in successful collaborative innovation and problem reframing.

Who can benefit?

This program has been specifically designed for small companies in niche markets.  The program is particularly effective in helping companies in markets where product development activities have been underinvested, or where group thinks has dominated product development activities.

How does the Breakthrough Product Development Program work?

The program is comprised of seven steps:

– We work with our client to properly frame the correct market problem to solve.
– Developing a Requirements Document
– Creating a diversified team (both technology and industry)
– Facilitating several brainstorming and analysis discussions with this team
– Documenting the resulting conceptual design
– Documenting any feasibility testing necessary to validate the concept
– Development of a product development plan

How will my company benefit from hiring Finish Line?

Finish Line is the leading expert and thought leader on product development for niche markets. In our 15+ years in business, we have helped over 275 companies improve their business results through breakthrough product development.

What does the Breakthrough Product Development Program cost?

There is a fixed cost of $25,000

What do I get with the Breakthrough Product Development Program?

The deliverables for the program include:
– Problem Statement
– Requirements Document
– Conceptual Design Document
– Feasibility Testing Plan Document
– Product Development Plan – schedule and budget