Lightspeed’s dramatic rise

What is the secret behind Lightspeed’s dramatic rise to the top of the VC performance list. Well, according to one source: “…Other folks, they’re lazier or less strategic when it comes to really understanding deep technology and the value of the best engineers.” You can see the full article here:

Apps are for small B2B companies too

Have you ever imagined what kind of product you would develop if money was no obstacle? Maybe that product is not as far out of reach as you might first think. Sometimes when I ask our customers this question, the answer I hear is some kind of internet connect, color touch screen, portable wiz bang… Read More

What it Takes to Succeed at a Startup

I have started many companies – four have succeeded. Finish Line only works with small companies, and thus I have advised hundreds of startups. After a while, you start to see a pattern between those that succeed and those that do not. As many have written before me, it all comes down to the ability… Read More