Product Development Challenge

An MWD company was having more than a “bit” of trouble — with unacceptable MTBF, and no profit, a division of Noble Drilling would have to close.

Through a series of mergers, Noble Drilling became the owner of a small MWD company. Although well-known with good market presence, the company was failing primarily due to poor reliability of the tool — under 10 hours MTBF. Without a tenfold improvement, the company would be shut down.

Finish Line was asked to determine the cause of the unreliability. From this, we were to determine what level of investment, and what length of time, would be needed to make the improvements, and whether doing so could return the company to profitability

Within a few days, Finish Line had assembled a great team for this task and set about analyzing all the field data as well as interviews.

Finish Line PDS Bottom Line

Finish Line got to the bottom of the problem and fixed the bottom line. 10X improvement in MBTF, return to profitability.

​What Finish Line recognized upon analyzing the data was that most or all field failures were probably the result of a single cause. This theory was quickly put to the test through a battery of HALT tests. The tests confirmed the theory — and suggested a minor correction would result in 10X reliability improvement.

​Finish Line redesigned the system that caused the problem. We developed a new prototype tool, which had the longest bit run in the company’s history! The rest of the tools were modified, one more enhancement made, and the rest is history.