Project Overview


Product Development Challenge

“How do you give an injection without any pain?

Our client wanted to create a product that reduces the anxiety of giving children injections.  Being a pediatrician, our client experienced this anxiety on a daily bases and knew the stress was not good for the health of his patients.

Finish Line PDS Bottom Line

“I thought it would take millions to bring my idea to market”

Using a stage-gate approach, including conceptual testing, our design team was able to eliminate most of the risk associated with the conceptual idea.  This meant that the product development cost was significantly reduced, which also reduces development cost.  This approached allow us to bring the product market faster and cheaper than other approaches.

In addition, by using soft tooling methodology, we were able to significantly reduce the tooling cost necessary to put the product into production.

In a large company, this development project would have cost ten times our budget.  In a small company, where the goal is to prove the marketability of the product, these budgets and methods just do not make sense.  For more on ways to reduce development cost, see our blog here.