Product Development Challenge

Develop and integrate the components required to easily configure networks for data collection from thousands of battery operated nodes.

Our client envisioned a new business opportunity based on the ability to periodically collect limited quantities of data from hundreds of thousands of nodes very inexpensively.

The nodes were clustered in geographic regions spanning hundreds of square miles with multiple clusters spanning the country. Each node required quick and easy installation and maintenance-free operation for ten years.

The data ultimately had to be communicated to one centralized database and the entire system had to be very low cost from the nodes to the network gear to the monthly carrier costs.

All of the systems’ components had to be reliable because the consequences of even one node failing could be catastrophic. Our client knew what they wanted but not how to implement it. For that, they came to Finish Line.

Finish Line PDS Bottom Line

Finish Line was called in to develop the solution from end to end.

Finish Line was engaged to examine the opportunity and craft a solution that satisfied all of the wide-ranging requirements from data rates and content to communications media, from high reliability to low cost, from network flexibility to easy node deployment.

The result is a robust collection of components including; ultra-low power, wireless data capture and RF transmission devices, repeaters that relay data from outlying sites, receivers to collect the RF transmissions and direct the data to a central database over the internet via landlines and cellular networks.

The final solution tapped into a broad range of talents possessed by the Finish Line team from low power analog and digital circuit design, to embedded real-time software, to RF and cellular communications, to internet interfaces and communications and applications software.

The experience of working together complemented by our established product development methodology and processes enabled us to satisfy the customer’s requirements and deliver a successful solution.