Project Overview

Product Development Challenge

A large environmental remediation company had a problem; they needed a remote wireless monitoring solution that was low cost and they needed it fast!

They had to monitor 400 temperature sensors using a battery-operated, wireless solution with a ten-year battery life and had only six weeks until deployment.

There was nothing available that could accommodate that many sensor points and meet the battery life and unit cost – at least not with the budget that they had available.

Finish Line PDS Bottom Line

They came to Finish Line, an integrated engineering and manufacturing organization. Finish Line was able to satisfy their requirements with its experienced and diverse skill set and rich technology repertoire.

It accomplishes this mission in record time and for only $60 per sensor point, many times less than the nearest off-the-self-solution and fully compliant with the customer’s needs.

Only Finish Line has the right combination of innovative engineering skills complemented by a disciplined manufacturing capability to rapidly deliver innovative, high-quality, wireless monitoring solutions.

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