Project Overview


Product Development Challenge

“How do we manage 100,000+ IoT Sensors at the lowest poss”

Our client, a leading provider of IoT sensors and networks, was struggling to keep up with the growth in sensor deployments.  The support cost was growing faster than revenue growth and unless a solution could be found, the entire business would cease to be profitable.  They needed a way to provide great service without the big cost.

Finish Line PDS Bottom Line

“Finish Line PDS, was able to quickly understand the problems and automate 90% of our manual processes”

The Finish Line team, with deep domain expertise in software and operations, was the perfect choice to tackle this unique challenge.  Using our unique product development processes along with experience in IoT sensor deployment, we were able to quickly work through the conceptual issues. Our cloud-based software solution was able to automate almost all of the manual processes of customer service, and provide tools for making future deployments more efficient.