Project Overview

Transform a one-off, hand-built science project into a reliable, manufacturable product; and do it fast.

Our client had spent years and millions of dollars, and now they had the best explosive detection technology in the world. The market was wide open, and the timing could not have been better. This technology was not just about profits, it was about saving lives and stopping terrorists.

They needed to transform this technology into a reliable product, and they needed to do it quickly. Every day that went by without the product in the marketplace represented not only lost profits but lost lives!

Their team was world-class at developing technology but had never developed or manufactured a product, and they did not have the systems in place for doing this type of work, and this was not the time for on-the-job training. Naturally, they turned to FinishLinePDS.

FinishLinePDS was tasked with transforming the technology into a product that could be manufactured in quantity, for a reasonable cost, and ensure that it was going to be reliable.

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