Project Overview

Product Development Challenge

There had to be a better way to survey oil and gas wells than “old unfaithful,” the Swiss mechanical gadgets from the designer shops of the 19th Century.

The standard method of surveying gas and oil wells relied on antiquated mechanisms, unchanged in more than 75 years. They functioned so poorly that there were many attempts to create an electronic alternative.

Until now, those attempts failed. While the electronic devices often “worked,” they didn’t work well enough, fast enough, long enough, or cost-effectively enough. Through the years the old installed mechanical measurements stayed put, as no provider could align the technology with the need for a cost-effective solution.

That is until one of the leaders in the industry contacted Finish Line to help close the development gap. Together we solved a 75-year-old problem in a matter of months.

Finish Line PDS Bottom Line

WellTronic had tried twice before. Then they reached out to Finish Line.

What Finish Line did was recognize the process flaw — in this case an incorrect assumption (that an accelerometer was the right technology). With discipline and ISO standards, we quickly identified another technology — from a different industry — that would work far better.

Not just better. Inexpensive (10x). Needed no calibration. Used less power (100x), And… this technology was older than accelerometer technology…!

Finish Line moved the revolutionary “eDrift” tool through rigorous development and multi-phase testing, to prototypes and into the marketplace, which is very quickly conquered.