Project Overview

Product Development Challenge

“Other’s had underestimated the challenge and failed.  Finish Line not only understood the nuances but created a novel solution that saved big development dollars”

Our client, a leading provider of specialized materials, needed a power supply that could not be purchased off-the-shelf.  After trying several “consultants” without success they turned to Finish Line.

Finish Line PDS Bottom Line

“We never understood why all the consultants failed until we hired Finish Line”

A project that was to take one person less than three months was now on its third consultant in almost one and half years.  Each “try” had the same result: the supply would work for a period of time, only to fail in the coming weeks.  Despite repeated attempts, each consultant was not able to design and produce a reliable product.  Now the budget was depleted and time was up.  Was there a way to save this project?

The Finish Line team, with deep domain expertise in power electronics, was the perfect choice to tackle this unique challenge.  With a strong background in reliability and root cause analysis, our team was able to determine why so many others failed: a lack of understanding of the dynamic load.

Using our unique product development processes our team was able to come up with a solution that used a modified off-the-shelf supply.  Not only did this save significant development dollars, it also took advantage of reliability that comes with a product that had years of field experience.

This project was yet another example of how a multiple disciplined and diverse team was able to outperform individual consults on all levels: development cost, unit cost, and product performance.  For more about this phenomenon, see our blog here.

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