Explosive Detector

Product Development Challenge Transform a one-off, hand built, science project into a reliable, manufacturable product; and do it fast. Our client had spent years and millions of dollars, and now they had the best explosive detection technology in the world. The market was wide open, and the timing could not have been better. This technology… Read More

Ruggedized Mobile Command Center

Product Development Challenge A leading government contracting agency was tasked with designing and manufacturing a sophisticated mobile command center and deploying units in the field before the start of the hurricane season. These units were going to be used by emergency personnel responding to a natural disaster and it became a matter of life and… Read More

IoT Middleware Software

  Product Development Challenge “How do we manage 100,000+ IoT Sensors at the lowest poss” Our client, a leading provider of IoT sensors and networks, was struggling to keep up with the growth in sensor deployments.  The support cost was growing faster than revenue growth and unless a solution could be found, the entire business… Read More