Ruggedized Mobile Command Center

Product Development Challenge A leading government contracting agency was tasked with designing and manufacturing a sophisticated mobile command center and deploying units in the field before the start of the hurricane season. These units were going to be used by emergency personnel responding to a natural disaster and it became a matter of life and… Read More

Custom Power Supply

Product Development Challenge “Other’s had underestimated the challenge and failed.  Finish Line not only understood the nuances but created a novel solution that saved big development dollars” Our client, a leading provider of specialized materials, needed a power supply that could not be purchased off-the-shelf.  After trying several “consultants” without success they turned to Finish… Read More

Product Reliability Improvements

Product Development Challenge An MWD company was having more than a “bit” of trouble — with unacceptable MTBF, and no profit, a division of Noble Drilling would have to close. Through a series of mergers, Noble Drilling became the owner of a small MWD company. Although well-known with good market presence, the company was failing… Read More

High-Temperature BLDC Motor Controller

Product Development Challenge Develop a Brushless Motor Controller that fits in less than ¾”, works to 350°F, operates under extreme vibration and shock, and is fault tolerant. The existing system used a brush motor that wore out quickly, was inefficient and unreliable. Despite the common belief that Brushless motors have a long lifespan, are more… Read More

Downhole Generator Regulator

Product Development Challenge “We knew we needed to update our technology, but we just did not have the budget to make this happen” If our client was going to stay competitive, they needed to switch from using batteries to producing their own power downhole with a mud turbine.  Problem was, they did not have the… Read More