Ouchless Needle

  Product Development Challenge “How do you give an injection without any pain? Our client wanted to create a product that reduces the anxiety of giving children injections.  Being a pediatrician, our client experienced this anxiety on a daily bases and knew the stress was not good for the health of his patients. Finish Line… Read More

Medical Device Sensor

Product Development Challenge “Big Features for a Low-Cost Disposable Medical Device” Our client needed high dollar features normally found in much larger, more expensive devices, in a low-cost miniaturized design; and it had to be FDA compliant.  The measure, control, and alarm on critical pressures in a disposable device were always rejected as too expensive… Read More

Robotic Pharmacist

Product Development Challenge “Finish Line PDS processes quickly sorted through the complexity of technical, market, FDA compliances issues” Our client, a leading provider of FDA regulated medication to nursing homes needed to reduce labor cost.  Not only was their product regulated, but so was their labor (a pharmacist).  Having never developed a product, let alone… Read More