IoT Middleware Software

  Product Development Challenge “How do we manage 100,000+ IoT Sensors at the lowest poss” Our client, a leading provider of IoT sensors and networks, was struggling to keep up with the growth in sensor deployments.  The support cost was growing faster than revenue growth and unless a solution could be found, the entire business… Read More

Low Power/Long Range (LoRa) IoT Propane Sensor

Product Development Challenge Develop and integrate the components required to easily configure networks for data collection from thousands of battery operated nodes. Our client envisioned a new business opportunity based on the ability to periodically collect limited quantities of data from hundreds of thousands of nodes very inexpensively. The nodes were clustered in geographic regions… Read More

Low Cost/ High-Performance Coax Alternative

Product Development Challenge Our client needed to place antennas on very tall towers without suffering the signal loss in the coax between the antenna and the receiver located at the base of the tower. Traditional methods called for very expensive low loss coax that cost 1,000s of dollars per installation and still suffered from significant… Read More

Ultra-Low-Cost Wireless Oil Tank Sensor

Product Development Challenge The market size was large, but the cost was too high to capitalize on the opportunity. Our client knew there was a large market for fuel oil tank sensors. However, no company had been able to capitalize on this opportunity. Many had tried, including our client, but either the cost was too… Read More


Product Development Challenge “Everyone told us this could not be done” Our client needed an IoT system that could transmit from the basement of a building to a vehicle 1.5 Miles away in a heavy ground clutter environment (trees, buildings, etc).   In addition, the battery had to last 10 years, and the cost could be… Read More

IoT Sensor Network

Product Development Challenge A large environmental remediation company had a problem; they needed a remote wireless monitoring solution that was low cost and they needed it fast! They had to monitor 400 temperature sensors using a battery-operated, wireless solution with a ten-year battery life and had only six weeks until deployment. There was nothing available… Read More