Realizing the Full Potential of LED Lighting

LEDs are great for lighting when compared to other technologies. They are efficient and last a very long time. Typically a LED will last for 40 years, which is great, especially for applications where changing the bulb can be very expensive: street lights, tunnels, high bays, etc. However, the electronics that power the LEDs will… Read More

Path to Success

Finish Line PDS is proud to announce that our client, Live Undistracted, has successfully completed a field trial of its PhoneSafe system. Distracted driving is now the leading cause of motor vehicle deaths in the US. The PhoneSafe system prevents distracted driving by blanking Smartphone screens while a vehicle is in motion. FinishLine is proud… Read More

Automated Press Brake Controller Launched

Reducing labor time in manufacturing is a key strategic initiative for all manufacturing companies – especially in countries with high labor cost. Automation holds the promise of achieving this goal. Advancements in digital technology including AI and machine learning are making it easier to develop machines that greatly improve labor productivity. Longtime Finish Line PDS… Read More

HERO Compliant Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Finish Line Product Development Services successfully completes the wireless temperature/humidity sensor for munitions containers. Not only does this sensor meet the necessary HERO (MIL-STD-464) requirements, but also has amazing 40-year battery life and is low cost.

87% LED Light Engine w/o Electrolytic Caps

Finish Line Product Development Services successfully demonstrates 87% efficiency with a light engine that contains no electrolytic capacitors. Traditional LED light engines have used a switching regulator to control the current running through the LEDs. These regulators need large capacitors (electrolytic) in order to maintain stability. This electrolytic capacitor has a lifespan much shorter than… Read More

Finish Line PDS Delivers Another Successful Startup Exit

Longtime Finish Line customer EnerTrac (now called Wesroc/Independent Technologies) completes strategic sale to DataOnline, a leading IoT/IIoT company with more than 1,000 customers in 75+ countries. Data Online specifically sited the LPWAN technology developed by Finish Line PDS as one of the reasons for the acquisition. Finish Line’s development of the low power, long range,… Read More