Rafael Arlequin

Rafael (Raf) Arlequin, Marketing, is responsible for implementing marketing strategies and procedures.  Constantly managing and analyzing marketing data to improve results. Raf earned a Bachelor Degree from Salem State University in Public Relations.

Melissa Rogers

Melissa Rogers, Inside Sales Manager, is responsible for managing all aspects of the sales department and lead generation process. Melissa provides training and coaching to the sales team and manages the sales administration process.

Steve Owens

Steve Owens, Founder of Finish Line Product Development Services, has over 30 years of successful product development experience in many different industries and is a sought after adviser and speaker on the subject. Steve has founded four successful start-ups and holds over twenty five patents. Steve has worked for companies such as Halliburton and Baker… Read More

Mike Varanka

Mike Varanka, CEO, has extensive experience in product development with expertise in engineering, operations, program management, and business management. Mike has successfully developed numerous products during his 35-year career and holds numerous patents. He is adept at anticipating and understanding emerging market needs, translating those needs into product requirements and design specifications and orchestrating the… Read More