How Not to Fail at a Startup

Some actions can cause success, and some can cause failure. We must emulate the successful behaviors AND avoid the unsuccessful behaviors. Came across this site: If you go there, you will find dozens of case studies of failed startups. There are lots of places that tell you how to succeed, but this is the… Read More

Product Management

Ran across this website for product management: Click Here Lots of good info on becoming an outstanding Product Manager. Every company, even very small companies, need to be good at product management. This website has a complete list of information on the subject. Well worth the bookmark. Also, take a look at our ROM (Rough… Read More

What IoT Standard has the Longest Range?

Surprisingly, it is MURS/LMRS, not LoRa. It’s true that LoRa has some other benefits over MURS/LMRS, namely bandwidth and coexistence, but when it comes to range, especially through ground clutter and hilly terrain, MURS/LMRS will outperform LoRa. If you’re interested in the math: Free Space Path Loss (FSPL) = 20Log((4pi D F)/C) D = distance… Read More

Simple Way to Manage Outsourced Product Development

If you’re a large company, managing outsourced product development is a relatively straightforward activity where you’ll have many engineers, processes in place, and experience to guide you. For a small company that has never outsourced product development, it’s not so simple. How do you know you have picked a good company? How much should you… Read More

What does a functional team look like?

Just went through an exercise with a bunch of investors who were trying to determine what to look for in startup. What makes some startups succeed and others fail? Of course, everyone agreed that it was NOT the idea. The general consensus was that is was a functional team that made good decisions, with a… Read More