What Racing and Product Development Have in Common

I love sports analogies in business, and I am an avid amateur auto racer (bear with me a bit if you are not). One thing I learned early in racing is if you want to go fast you must slow down; which is just a way of saying you must slow down your thinking. You must visualize way ahead of your car and make your decision well before anything happens. The car can go a lot faster than you can think. It is true in product development as well. If you want to go fast, you must resist the temptation to go more quickly than you can make effective decisions. Starting on detail design (writing code, laying out PCB) before requirements, let alone a good conceptual design, may look fast, but it will only result in building the wrong product or having to start over. Your product is only going to be as good as your requirements and conceptual design. You do not need to skip these steps. We have plenty of free tools to help you get these steps done: Our free tools can be found HERE. Regards, Steve Owens – CTO Finish Line PDS A Better Way for Small Companies to Develop Products Steve.Owens@FinishLinePDS.com Ph: 603 880 8484
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