Apps are for small B2B companies too

Have you ever imagined what kind of product you would develop if money was no obstacle? Maybe that product is not as far out of reach as you might first think. Sometimes when I ask our customers this question, the answer I hear is some kind of internet connect, color touch screen, portable wiz bang calculating device. Surely no small company can afford to build such a device – or can they? The mobile revolution – apps on phones and tablets with internet connectivity built in – has made it possible to build really sophisticated devices for a fraction of the cost of a development from scratch. It is possible to connect almost anything to these devices: sensor, other devices, meters, motors, other applications in the office, etc. Apps and mobile phones are normally thought of as consumer devices – not something for a real business; however the truth is that many business are successful riding the coattails of this revolution to create great products that they normally could not afford to. This is just one of the many ways reference designs can reduce product development cost. For more tips on reducing product development cost in a small business, contact me at 603-880-8484.
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