5 Design Verification Test Mistakes to Avoid

A Design Verification Test (DVT) proves that the drawings, if followed correctly, will produce a product that meets the requirements. In order to avoid a myriad of issues, a DVT should be conducted before the product is released to manufacturing.

Here are the most common mistakes made in DVTing:

  1. No Requirements Document. If you don’t have written objective requirements, then any product will do.
  2. Not doing functional and performance testing at the extremes of the environmental requirements.
  3. Ignoring things like unit cost (GOGS) requirements and/or reliability requirements.
  4. Not having a good understanding of tolerance stack up and adjusting the test appropriately.
  5. Using the same design team to conduct the DVT.
  6. Not going to www.FinishLinePDS.com and downloading our tools. They are free — but don’t try to talk us down.

As always, we are here to help — just send us an email.

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