The True Cost of a Full-Time Engineer

I got a call from an engineering friend of mine. He just moved to a new city for a new job. He writes firmware for a small company. Reason for the call? He is bored and wondered if we had any projects he could work on. Good engineers love their jobs and hate just sitting… Read More


The prototype is all done and it seems to work well. Now, how do you get the prototype manufactured reliably and at a reasonable cost? If your team is at this stage, here are a few things to think about: Do a Design Verification Test (DVT) Just turning your prototype on and seeing the lights… Read More

Tips for Doing Design Verification Testing

A Design Verification Test (DVT) proves that the drawings, if followed correctly, will produce a product that meets the requirements. In order to avoid a myriad of issues, a DVT should be conducted before the product is released to manufacturing. Here are some tips for conducting DVTs: In order to avoid “groupthink,” use a different… Read More

The Amazing Product You Can Afford To Develop

Have you ever imagined what kind of product you would develop if money was no obstacle? Maybe that product is not as far out of reach as you might think. Sometimes when I ask our customers this question, the answer I hear is some kind of internet connected, color touch screen, portable wiz-bang calculating device…. Read More

Prototype vs. MVP vs. PoC

Prototype, MVP (Minimally Viable Product) and PoC (Proof of Concept) often get lumped together as one thing. This is understandable because each is an early version of a product; however, that is about all they have in common. Understanding this difference is important. Pre-Production Prototype A pre-production prototype is what you would imagine any prototype… Read More

What To Do About Product Field Failures

Every company wants to sell a product that never fails. The reality is that even great companies have product failures. The difference between the great companies and the good ones is not perfection, but how they view failure and what processes they use to address the failure. Do they see it as an opportunity to… Read More