How to Tell if Your New Project will be Successful

At Finish Line PDS, our success is tied to our customers’ successes.  Indeed, one of the most valuable services we offer IS success. By working with Finish Line PDS, our client businesses can greatly increase their likelihood of success. In our daily doings, we all habitually speak about success at a micro level, e.g., success… Read More

Different Ways to Pay for Product Development

There are many more ways to pay for product development than you may realize, including not paying for it at all. What is right for your situation will depend on your exact circumstances. You may wish to review the following before starting your next product development project. 1. Employees: Most of us are familiar with… Read More

First Step to Creating a Great Product

A Requirements Document (RD) is the first step to creating a great product. Because it is the first step, an RD has the greatest leverage of all product development activities. A small error in the direction at this stage can make a big difference in where the product ultimately ends up. Good is the enemy… Read More