Product Development – Just do it?

We often hear product development engineers debate the idea of “just do it” versus “slow and methodical”. The “just do it” group espouses the idea that as soon as you think of an idea, you should start designing circuits, laying out the PCB and hacking out software. The “slow and methodical” group advocates the do… Read More

The Six Myths of Product Development

If I had to pick the biggest mistake small companies make when it comes to product development, it would be that they make the mistake of treating product development as if it was just like any other business activity—sales, accounting, customer service, manufacturing, etc. Product development is a process of discovery, creativity and problem solving,… Read More

Operational Excellence in a CM

If you’re a Contract Manufacturer, might want to have a look at this whitepaper on achieving operational excellence. Steve Owens – CTO Finish Line PDS A Better Way for Small Companies to Develop Products Ph: 603 880 8484 94 River Rd | Hudson, NH | 03051